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My Workout Gear

Bombas Socks
Bombas socks are comfortable AND give a pair every time one is purchased! This is why I support their company. Shop here!
CHANTAE15 for 15% off
Shop rings and watch bands! Use CHANTAE15 for 15% off your order!
CHANTAE15 for 15% off
Shop apple watch bands and use my code CHANTAE15 for 15% your order!
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Food & Drink

Four Sigmatic Drinks
CHANTAE for 10% discount. Four Sigmatic Drinks. From coffee to matcha, these drinks are full of health benefits. Find one that fuels your focus and energy today!
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Home & Living

Paddywax Candles
My FAVORITE candles. Order your own here!
Bamboo Eco-friendly Toothrbushes
I got tired of using plastic toothbrushes, so I found a more eco-friendly solution. Order your own here!
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Mom Life

Bamboo Diapers. I use cloth diapers at home, but I wanted a biodegradable diaper to use when traveling with my baby. These are chemical free, eco friendly diapers that are available to be delivered straight to your door, so you don't have to worry about running out of diapers anymore! They have wipes too!
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