My name is Chantae McMillan. I'm a 2012 Olympian who competed in the heptathlon.  I am now focused on making the 2021 Olympic team solely in javelin. 

I have been a track and field athlete for almost 18 years. After graduating in 2006 from Rolla High School in Missouri, I went on to compete collegiately at the University of Nebraska. This is where I started competing in the heptathlon. The heptathlon is 7 events that are over a 2 day period. Day 1 consists of the 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, and the 200m dash. While day 2 has the long jump, javelin, and the 800m run. After progressively getting better each year, I decided to continue my career as a professional track and field athlete. 


In 2011, right after graduating college, I blew out my patellar-tendon while competing in the high jump. This injury put me in rehab for 6 months, where I truly learned what being disciplined to reach a goal looked like. In the Summer of 2012, 9 months after the injury, I made the hardest team to make, the United States Olympic team. 


After training 10 years as a heptathlete, I have decided to solely focus on javelin. I have big goals of making the Olympic team in javelin and winning a medal. I know this is no small task and it will be hard, but that is more the reason why I have decided to train for javelin. 


My hometown is Rolla, Missouri, where I have so much support and so many people who I want to make proud. I used to train in Dayton, Ohio, but I will be training in Ft. Rucker, Alabama this year.  My coach now is fellow teammate from the 2012 Olympic team, Kibwe Johnson.  


I am married to my amazing husband, Devon Langhorst, who is in the US Army and we welcomed our our first child into this world, Otto, in October of 2018.

My family and my training are my priorities, but I also have two dogs, Moose and Benny, that bring me joy when I go home every day from a hard practice.  

I am a lot more than listed and I thank you for coming to my website to gain a little more insight on who I am and how I am going to conquer my goals!  Let's Go!!